This coaching programme is designed to take established businesses to their next level by optimizing the whole.
This service includes:
- Comprehensive analysis to the entire business levels
- Defining challenging areas &growth opportunities
- Strategy formulation & implementation
- Lean vs Agile, what works better
- Innovation & Culture



This specific service is designed to support new businesses throughout the startup process. 
It includes:
- business model canvas
- Value proposition builder
- Business strategies
- Kano model
- Emotional support and work-life balance.



This coaching programme is designed to build the right skills, attitude and energy that support overall business strategies and goals, and customized to meet individuals' training needs including:
- Emotional intelligence (EQ)
- Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
- Management Skills
- Leadership competences
- Project Management


Maintain The Garden

Human Resource Management (HRM) training designed in alignment with the other coaching programme, in which  HR department is considered as strategic partner, change agent, and consultant/coach.
The training includes:
- organisational 6 Levels
- Strategic HRM
- Organisational Change
- Organisational Behaviour
- Occupational H&S
- Diversity in the workplace